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RHAM Reads review of I Am the Wallpaper

I am the WallpaperI am the Wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes is about a girl who goes from ordinary to extraordinary. Floey Packer has always felt like the boring one in her family because compared to her popular, exciting, older sister Lillian, she is never as interesting. But when Lillian gets married and leaves for her month-long honeymoon, Floey decides to break out of her shell. One problem: her evil cousins are staying at her house for the summer and they seem to be quite interested in her diary. When people finally begin to notice her, she wonders, is it her new personality? Is it what her mischievious cousins have done to embarrass her? I loved how this book described in detail how the main character was feeling and how I could relate to Floey’s feelings about fitting in. While reading, I could visualize the setting and what the characters were doing, due to the fantastic detail. I would recommend this book to any girl that feels like the wallpaper. DEFINITELY 5 STARS! Full review…