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Heart Full of Books Reviews Lemonade Mouth Book vs Movie

Posted in Reviews by Maddie by HeartFullOfBooks

Just ask yourself what two things would make ‘The Breakfast Club’ a better movie. Bridgit Mendler and singing did you say?

Oh, ‘Lemonade Mouth’ has both of those things set in detention, sign me up!

After watching the Disney Channel Original Movie, a title screen that will warm my heart for the rest of my days, I just had to get my hands on the book. I was mega disappointed that Mo and Charlie didn’t get together in the film, but finding out their relationship was canon was literally the best thing to happen to me since … full article

“Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up” Named a Bank Street Best Childrens Book of 2013!

Proud to share that Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up has just been selected as a Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the 2013! Hooray!


Fan-made LM Book trailer

Just saw this, made by a fan. Nice. Many thanks!

Top 10 Library Book

This from the nice folks at the Franklin, MA Public Library. Coolness! 🙂

Join The Lemonade Mouth Revolution!

“Warmhearted and innocently wild, this stand-alone sequel will find appreciative fans among teen music obsessives and social activists.”
– Kliatt Reviews on Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up

Rebels. Troublemakers. Visionaries.
The Lemonade Mouth revolution continues…

Learn more

Lemonade Mouth & Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up books

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Incredible but true: The LM cast speak out for the new LM2 book Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up!
I’m very grateful to the cast of the movie, who were not only kind enough to make a new song and video just for the new LM book (which comes out TODAY!) but they also made these special photo & video messages for me. What nice people, huh? (Stay tuned… more on the way!)

Bridgit Mendler (“Olivia” from the LM movie) – see the photo above 🙂

Hayley Kiyoko (“Stella” from the LM movie)

Adam Hicks (“Wen” from the LM movie)

Naomi Scott (“Mohini” from the LM movie)

Chris Brochu (“Ray” from the LM movie)

Isaac Kappy (“Mel” of Mel’s Lemonade from the LM movie)

Plus here’s the preview teaser for the new song “Don’t Stop The Revolution”

New book trailer for A Crack In the Sky (for Sequoyah Book Awards)

Just saw this online: For the 2013 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Awards, a bookseller just made this new video book trailer for A Crack In The Sky. Coolness, huh? Consider me honored. Many thanks to the folks at Brown Brothers Books!

(Click to see the original ACITS Book Trailer)


Polish book cover for Lemonade Mouth

Wow.  Check out the new Polish book cover for Lemonade Mouth! I don’t speak Polish but when I use an online translator for “Lemoniada Gada” it translated to “Lemonade Reptile”. Yup, you read that right.  Hmmm . . .

Reader artwork…

This drawing from Haley P., a 4th-grade artist and reader. I like it! Have you made some artwork inspired by Lemonade Mouth, A Crack In the Sky, or I am the Wallpaper? Send it my way–I’d love to check it out! 🙂

A Crack in the Sky honored…

A Crack in the Sky by Mark Peter Hughes

A Crack in the Sky has been nominated for the 2013 Oklahoma Library Association’s Sequoyah Book Award.

Many thanks to the great teachers and readers in Oklahoma!  🙂

New ‘tween-adapted Lemonade Mouth BOOK hits stores…

Blake Michael holding up the book "Lemonade Mouth"

Blake Michael rocks his copy of Lemonade Mouth, the original novel that started a revolution!

LEMONADE MOUTH: The novel that started a revolution!

The new ‘tween-adapted edition of the Lemonade Mouth BOOK, the popular novel that set off a revolution and inspired the Disney Channel movie, is now in stores! Stella, Wen, Olivia, Mo, Charlie, Scott, Ray — they’re all here. You already love movie and the music, now get the whole scoop on the band that’s more than a band!

Lemonade Mouth - book cover

Lemonade Mouth by Mark Peter Hughes

“Laugh-out-loud funny…”
– Kristen McLean

“…fiendishly clever…a meaningful story…”
– Alison Morris

“A rock-n-roll THE BREAKFAST CLUB for the literary set…”
– Publishers Weekly

“Lemonade Mouth is based on Mark Peter Hughes’s book, which is a big reason for the film’s success.”
– Ricky Tucker

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