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Heart Full of Books Reviews Lemonade Mouth Book vs Movie

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Just ask yourself what two things would make ‘The Breakfast Club’ a better movie. Bridgit Mendler and singing did you say?

Oh, ‘Lemonade Mouth’ has both of those things set in detention, sign me up!

After watching the Disney Channel Original Movie, a title screen that will warm my heart for the rest of my days, I just had to get my hands on the book. I was mega disappointed that Mo and Charlie didn’t get together in the film, but finding out their relationship was canon was literally the best thing to happen to me since … full article

Patch Interview

Local Author Talks Family, Movies and the ‘Lemonade Mouth’ Sequel

by Brooklyn Lowery, Wayland Patch, 10/20/2012

Lemonade. It’s a perfect summertime drink, the staple of kids’ front-yard stands everywhere and, for one Wayland man, a key ingredient in his recipe for literary success.

In 2007, Mark Peter Hughes’ book, “Lemonade Mouth,” hit bookstores – and the Hughes family hit the road in a billboard of a car, traveling the country to spread the word about a misfit group of high school freshmen who formed a band called Lemonade Mouth. Now, five years and one Disney Channel movie later, Hughes… (continue reading…)

Behind Lemonade Mouth

Rochester Review, 2011

Rochester Review, 2011

Rochester Review, May 2011
by Karen McCally, with photos by Adam Fenster

“You may know him from Lemonade Mouth, a hit Disney Channel movie adapted from his second novel that premiered this spring, but Mark Peter Hughes has always been a writer. Even when he was an engineer.  The past year has been a wild ride…” more

Hoping for a Lemonade Mouth tour? Want a sequel? Mark answers LM questions on WZRA TV!

Lemonade Mouth Premiere Tonight, Fri 4/15 8pm EST, Disney Channel

Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes at a special screening of LM, April 10, 2011

Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes at a special screening of LM, April 10, 2011

A message from Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes:

Tonight’s the night. At 8pm tonight the Disney Channel will finally premiere the Lemonade Mouth movie in the USA, and people will get a chance to actually see it. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the film’s producer, Debra Martin Chase, first called me (a huge surprise at my house!) to say that she loved my book and was going to somehow make it into a movie. I was thrilled, thrilled, of course, but deep down I think I had a hard time believing it would ever really happen. And yet here we are.

I want to thank the Disney Channel, the filmmakers, and the many, many talented folks who worked on the project for the huge honor they’ve done for me and my story. I’ve previewed the movie twice so far, and I can honestly say that I’m proud of what they’ve done with my story. IMHO it’s a beautiful film, and it stays true to the characters and messages I tried to convey in the book: those of speaking out, banding together, honoring families of all kinds, and acknowledging the importance of each of us. These are values I wanted to express to readers, and I’m thrilled that now the same messages will go out to millions of kids and all over the world.

For that I’m honored and humbled.


–Mark Peter Hughes

(Lemonade Mouth premieres in the USA tonight, Fri April 15, at 8pm EST on the Disney Channel.)

How the Bridgit Mendler song “Somebody” fits into the Lemonade Mouth story

The Disney media hurricane begins…

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That’s the trailer shown before the Justin Bieber movie in theaters across the country starting yesterday. Brace yourselves. Here it comes…


Fox TV Interview

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I was on FOX-TV in Providence a few months back. Kind of more relevant now than before. Check it out above… 🙂

Huge News: Disney Channel is making a TV musical of Lemonade Mouth

Yet another update from our very own intern, Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen…

Dearest Readers Superb,

The headline says it all! Aaaa!  You simply must see Mark’s new musical video blog with the enormous announcement:

May I remind you of how this all began? Click to hear and/or read the original NPR story.

Needless to say, we are flabbergasted by the immensity of the news. I shall choke back my tears of pride for Mark and say no more.

Yours With Trembling Popliteals,
Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen and Literary Minion