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Fan-made LM Book trailer

Just saw this, made by a fan. Nice. Many thanks!

New book trailer for A Crack In the Sky (for Sequoyah Book Awards)

Just saw this online: For the 2013 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Awards, a bookseller just made this new video book trailer for A Crack In The Sky. Coolness, huh? Consider me honored. Many thanks to the folks at Brown Brothers Books!

(Click to see the original ACITS Book Trailer)


A Crack In The Sky Paperback Available August 9th!

Check out the book trailer…!

The Disney media hurricane begins…

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That’s the trailer shown before the Justin Bieber movie in theaters across the country starting yesterday. Brace yourselves. Here it comes…


Book Trailer for A CRACK IN THE SKY

Happy New Year! Here at long last is the book trailer for A CRACK IN THE SKY! 🙂