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Letter from a reader…

I get a lot of email from readers and many ask similar questions, so I thought I’d post this latest one and my answer:

MailboxHi, I’m a fan of the Lemonade Mouth series. I live in the UK. I saw the film and decided to read the books, I loved them. I’m a GIANT lemonhead and I really want a second film made based on Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up you’ve written. I love your books and I am thirteen and want to write a book myself. Could i have any tips?

— Lemon Head uk


Dear Lemon Head uk,

I’m so glad the Lemonade Mouth movie led you to read the books! As far as writing tips, just keep writing and writing. Share your work with other writers who care about writing and improving, and read their work too. A big tip: Forming a writing critique group (for example, get together regularly with friends who also write and want to improve) is a great way to do this. Give good, thoughtful feedback about their work. Listen to the good, thoughtful feedback they give to you. Read a lot. Write some more. Read some more. Keep following your passion.

Good luck!

World Building

An early sketch for the cover of my futuristic novel A CRACK IN THE SKY by the amazing artist Per Haagensen

Some thoughts for writers:

In some ways the writerly concept called “world building” is just another way of saying “writing”. Still, no matter your story’s genre, taking the time to think through and organize some of the story-world’s details and rules up front can help keep the story coherent, consistent and feeling ‘real’ (and save you lots of rework time later). Whether you’re writing sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary realistic, or any other flavor of fiction (or non-fiction, for that matter), the following non-exhaustive list of considerations is intended only as thought-starters as you begin to organize and plan.

What is your story’s world?
A Few Questions/Considerations

Place and Time:

  • When and where does the story take place? An current-day town on an ordinary day? Future Earth? Another planet? An imagined ‘Almost-Earth’? A suburban garage?  Somewhere else?
  • What is the geography? Terrain?
  • What is the climate?
  • Is it a time/place that really existed? Is it totally imagined? Where do the real and imaged overlap?

continue reading…


Interview Jan 31, 2013

I was interviewed by kids from the school newspaper at the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School in Franklin, MA on 1/31/2013. Coolness… (But I’m not sure what took me so dang long to get rid of that pizza plate.) 🙂

Had a breakthrough this morning…

Had a writing breakthrough this morning. You know those scenes that you just can’t seem to figure out so they take for…e…ver… to finish? Well, I just had the worst one ever. I won’t admit how long it took. But I did it. Finally got the boy and the old man and the tribe of savages on their merry way to the next thing. Thank you, writing muses! I’m free! FREE! FREEEEEEEE!

Join me at the 6th Annual ASTAL Summer Institute: Writing for Young People!

ASTAL Faculty6th Annual ASTAL Summer Institute Writing for Young People
Rhode Island College
June 21, 22, 23, 25, 26 & 27, 2012
“These days can change your life”