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March 10, 2006
An update from our very own intern, Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen

Dear Fab, Discerning Readers,

1. Brace yourselves! Lemonade Mouth is (finally!) in stores next week, March 13, 2007! So tell your friends, IM your cousins, email your aunties, alert the media, warn the police–and dash, dash, dash to your local bookstore! I know I’m just a lowly assistant around here and everything, but this feels big. The reviews are great, the excitement is growing, and things feel kind of surreal (in a good way). Mark has been pretending to be all cool and unaffected by all the fuss, but I can see through his façade. (And to be honest, I’m almost as excited about this as he is. I could hardly sleep last night. Isn’t that pathetic?) Anyway, if you’re in the Massachusetts area, don’t forget about the book release event on March 17 (details below).

2. And don’t forget, the softcover of I am the Wallpaper has just been released! Random House is publishing it as a Readers Circle trade paperback, which means it’s bigger and better and has a bunch of extra stuff. (And since it’s paperback, it’s cheaper now too.) Life is good!

3. Book Release Event: We’re throwing Mark a book release party, and you’re invited! Saturday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day), 7pm-11pm, in Natick, MA. The Wellesley Booksmith will be there, Mark will be signing books, plus there’ll be munchies, lemonade (of course), and in the spirit of the novel, music from some amazing high school musicians. If you’re in the Massachusetts area, join us! Open to all–bring friends! Details:

Lemonade Mouth Book Release Party
March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day), 7pm-11pm
Broadway Dance Center
17 Willow St, Natick, MA

Your Devoted Servant Savant,
— Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen, Intern


February 15, 2006

Dearest Surfers of Web-Based Enlightenment,

1. Lemonade Mouth (in stores March 13) is #9 on the BookSense Spring 2007 recommendations list!! This is a very big deal!

2. Another great pre-release review!


“…a refreshing read…a comical story that will keep teens reading until the last page…the perfect addition to any collection.”
&nbsp– VOYA

3. A big box arrived with preview copies of I am the Wallpaper in trade paperback (in stores Feb 27) — and they look great! This new addition includes discussion notes, an interview with Mark and other cool extra stuff. We’re all very excited about it!

Now on to more mundane matters: You’ll be pleased to learn that my back issues (caused by having to work for so long sitting on boxes here in this cramped office) have now relented, because Mark finally sprung for an actual chair for me to sit in, a metal fold-up–lucky me. Having now completed more than a month in this internship, I can report that I’ve done more filing and answered more emails than I care to recall, and all in this drafy space with only intermittent heat. Mark keeps trying to fix the thermostat but, frankly, he’s about as electronically inclined as a houseplant. But not to worry, Dear Readers; my cheery disposition is still largely intact–although its a wonder.

Teeth-Chatteringly Yours,
— Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen, Intern


January 11, 2006

The reviews for Lemonade Mouth continue to come in! Here’s another one so fabulous I couldn’t hold off on posting it. It’s from the Executive Director of the The Association of Booksellers for Children:

“Laugh-out-loud funny…[Mark Peter Hughes’s] writing has an offbeat honesty that will put him in the pantheon of great YA writers if he can keep it up…[Lemonade Mouth] is one of those unusual novels that you can recommend to every reader with a clean conscience.”
– Kristen McLean [full review]

Yay! Go, Mark!
— Naomi


January 9, 2006

This month I’m pleased to welcome my new intern to the staff. Naomi Fishmeier, Opequonsett High School freshman and columnist for the Barking Clam, will be writing the January updates:

Dear Readers,

An aspiring journalist has to be willing to pay whatever dues are necessary to assure that she gets into a good college. That’s why I agreed to take this job even though, frankly, the pay is complete crap. (And between you and me, Mark’s office is a pigsty like you wouldn’t believe. I’m crammed in a corner and sitting on a box. Nice, huh?). Anyway, here are the updates.

1. The first print review of Lemonade Mouth is out from Kirkus Reviews…and it’s way cool! Here’s an excerpt:

“Told from the perspective of the band members…characters emerge to charm readers, blending into a work with as much soul as Lemonade Mouth’s music.”

Not bad for a guy who couldn’t remember to get his new intern a chair, right? For more reviews click here.

2. The next couple of months are going to be big, big, big. Don’t forget that I am the Wallpaper is out in paperback on February 27, and Lemonade Mouth is out on March 13. Plus there’s all kind of parties and events. Click here to see the schedule so far.

3. Lemonade Mouth is putting up a website, which should be available pretty soon. Stay tuned.

4. Mark’s writing contests got a nice plug at slayground.livejournal.com. Check it out!

That’s it for now.

Claustrophobically Yours,
— Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen


December 16, 2006

I AM THE WALLPAPER was just released in Thailand. Thailand! Funny thing is, I can’t read a word of it. But the cover is way cool! (See below.) To celebrate, I ordered take-out — Thai curry veggies and a side order of Thai coconut chicken. Oh, this is indeed living!

Stay tuned for big changes in the coming weeks. February is the American paperback release of I am the Wallpaper, March is the month Lemonade Mouth will be in stores. Plus, to top it all off, next month I have a new intern starting. Big big big times ahead!

Happy holidays!

I am the Wallpaper (Thai Version) by Mark Peter Hughes


November 10, 2006

Almost finished with my “no cookies in 2006” New Year’s resolution. I’m telling you, you have no idea how desperate I am to sink my face into a big plate of oreos. I feel some haikus coming on:

no cookies all year
it hurts just to think of it
change the subject pleaseno, i cannot stop
oh cookie cookie cookie
i want you yes you!

oh god i can’t wait!
on january the 1st
things could get ugly

— Mark


October 2, 2006

Two very exciting updates!

1. A couple of people just emailed me the very first review I’ve seen for LEMONADE MOUTH! It’s from Richie Partington’s book review blog at richiespicks.com. Here’s an excerpt:

“My heart is singing every time my mind pulls me back to what I just experienced. Count me in as a the #1 charter member of the Lemonade Mouth Fan Club.”

Needless to say, seeing this has made my day! You can read the entire review by clicking here.

2. I AM THE WALLPAPER was just released in German! Das Yowza! I’m told that “Ich bin Luft” means “I am the air.” Look below to see the cover. To check out the German Amazon page, click here.

Ich Bin Luft by Mark Peter Hughes


Sept 12, 2006

Apologies for skipping my August update…it’s been a busy summer, but now it’s back to real life…

Big news — I now have upcoming book release dates! I am the Wallpaper will be released in Readers Circle Trade Paperback (including cool extras like an author interview, discussion questions, and other sweet stuff!) on February 27, 2007, and Lemonade Mouth will be released on March 13, 2003! Mark your calendars!

Some additional updates:

• The Amazon.com link for Lemonade Mouth is available. Click here.
The Amazon.com link for the trade paperback of I am the Wallpaper is also available. Click here.• I’ll be at the Mattacheese Middle School in West Yarmouth, MA on Sept 21.

• I’ve been getting lots of great contest entries. Keep ‘em coming!

Welcome back!
— Mark


July 6, 2006

Many thanks to the Franklin Public Library for hosting me, and for all those who gave me such a warm welcome! I’ll have pictures up soon.

I’m keeping this short this month. I have lots going on with vacations, summer stuff, etc. But then, so do you, right?

— Mark


June 8, 2006

As promised, a big announcement: (Drum roll, please…)

The Wallpaper Writing Contests are officially open!Do you love to express yourself with words? Are you 13-19 years old? Well, polish up your short fiction, poetry and/or haikus, because I’m hereby announcing the first annual Wallpaper Writing Contests. These are: The “Dear Diary Short Fiction Contest,” the “What’s Really Important Poetry Contest” and the “Haiku Me, Baby! Contest.” For complete rules and information, click on the “writing contests” link at the left, or just click here. So send ’em in!

On June 26 I’ll be doing a writing workshop at the Franklin Public Library. Come on by!

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. Let me know what you think! 🙂


May 5, 2006

It’s been a busy few months with appearances, conferences, interviews, etc., etc.–not to mention a slew of time-consuming commitments in my non-writing life. Thanks for all the support shown for me and I AM THE WALLPAPER! Now I’m looking forward to a patch of relatively clear time to get a little sleep…and maybe even do some writing!

Check back for an anouncement of a teen writing contest — details on this page in early June… 🙂

— Mark


April 2, 2006

Yowza! I am the Wallpaper was selected as one of the New York Public Library’s Best Books for the Teen Age 2006! How cool is that! (To be honest, I didn’t know what that was, but people tell me it’s a big deal and that it’s a “whole new life” for a book. I’m told it’s a huge honor, and that the NYPL sells this list to schools and libraries internationally. So…yay!)

Check out my interview on YABooksCentral.com by clicking here.

My editor tells me that Lemonade Mouth, my next novel, has been sent to copyediting, so that means it’s official — it’s now in the next stage in the pipeline. So…now I guess I have to get cracking on book #3. 🙂

Upcoming appearances:

April 3, 4 PM – Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro, MA.April 12, 8:10am – WATD radio (95.9 FM).

April 12 7:30 PM – Dover Town Library, Dover, MA

Happy Spring!


March 1, 2006

Lots of exciting news:

The cover art for Lemonade Mouth is in! I’m thrilled with it. To see a larger version, click on the image or click here. One of my favorite parts is the ukulele–the artist emailed me that he bought it at a pawn shop in Barcelona. How cool is that?

Next, I am the Wallpaper was listed as a “YA must read” in the Providence Journal! Life is good!

Next, I started a Lemonade Mouth page (which you’ve already seen if you clicked on the cover image). Okay, so it’s not ebay, but it’s a start. Besides, Lemonade Mouth is still a year away — amazing how much time the publishing process takes! But keep checking back, I have big plans.

Next, I’ll be at the Rogers Free Library in Bristol, RI tomorrow (Thursday, March 2, 2006) at 6pm, and at Rhode Island College this Saturday. Things are okay! 🙂


January 18, 2005

Can you believe this? Somebody actually wants to interview me on the radio? Well, it’s true! February 3, 2006 at 12:15am (late Friday evening — well, actually Saturday morning) I’ll be on the Jordan Rich Show (WBZ 1030AM in the Boston area, not sure where you can find it elsewhere). To find out more click here. If you can, listen in! 🙂

Whew! I just sent the ‘final’ draft of LEMONADE MOUTH to my editor! Yay! It feels like it’s time to celebrate, but I’m not exactly sure how…what is the most appropriate way to mark the occasion of a finalized manuscript? Take the family out for pizza? No, that just doesn’t feel like enough. Go bungee jumping off the Prudencial building? Nah, I’m way too chicken for that. Hmmm. Any suggestions? Email me by clicking here.


December 7, 2005

Whoa! I AM THE WALLPAPER is going to be published in both German and Thai! Thai! Can you believe that? It just blows me away! Just for fun I looked up translation pages online and found that “I am The Wallpaper” in German is “Ich bin die Tapete,” and in Thai it may be something like “Phohm Bpen Bpra Jan Gra Daat.” Yowza! How cool is that!? (Clearly, I gotta brush up on my European and Asian languages.)

This week I’m putting on my author costume and presenting to the Metrowest Massachusetts Regional Library System. Life ain’t bad.

Don’t forget, I AM THE WALLPAPER makes a great doorstop–a holiday gift everybody can use! 🙂

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all your friends at markpeterhughes.com!


November 1, 2005

Happy Turkey Month!

Got some fun news: DearReader.com, an email book club that highlights a different teen novel each week by sending out a 5-minute sample each day, will be focusing on I AM THE WALLPAPER the week of 11/21/2005! To sign up click here.

Another review!: Kathryn Erskine from Children’s Literature calls I am the Wallpaper “Hysterically funny and lively, it is easy to see why this book was a finalist in the 2003 Delacorte Press Prize for First Young Adult Novel…[The story takes] readers on a wild ride that is fast-paced, very realistic, hilarious, and even heartwarming.” To read the complete review, click here.

Thanks to the Newport Public Library and the Barrrington Public Library for going out of their way to make me feel at home last weekend. Thanks also to the Massachusetts School Library Association for hosting me at the MSLA Author Fest!


October 21, 2005

Another school event this week. Thanks so much to Natick High School and the Morse Institute Library in Natick, MA for giving me such a warm reception at NHS! I had a terrific time meeting the students, teachers, librarians, and parents. Special thanks to Abby Reidy, Jane Connolly, and the Natick PTO for all their support in making it all happen!


September 8, 2005

Just got back from North Carolina where, along the way, I visited some terrific booksellers. Special thanks to Steve Brumfield at Manteo Booksellers in Manteo, NC, Elizabeth Wallace at Barnes & Noble in Bethesda, MD, and Julie Dyson at the College of William and Mary Bookstore in Williamsburg, VA. Thanks so much for going the extra mile to make my visit so much fun!

In other news, I finally got around to posting my picks from the haikus I’ve received from so many of you. Thanks to everyone who sent one in — I only wish I could post them all! To read my picks, click here. Check ’em out, and keep sending them in!


August 11, 2005

I know its been a while since I last wrote — I’ve been overwhelmed with summer, family, and vacation activities. But there has also been a lot happening on the literary side. First, I want to announce some REALLY BIG NEWS…about my next novel! I also wanted to let you know how happy I am that positive reviews continue to pour in for I AM THE WALLPAPER!

1. Lemonade Mouth: I’m thrilled to announce that my second novel, LEMONADE MOUTH, will be released from Delacorte Press sometime in 2007. I’m keeping the details under wraps for the time being, but I will tell you that Floey Packer does appear, if only in a minor role. More later… 🙂

2. More Reviews: I’m pleased that reviews for I AM THE WALLPPAER continue to come in, and that they have been so positive! Examples:

J.A. Kaszube Lock from BookLoons.com, called it a “…delightfully witty read…Mark Peter Hughes makes a sparkling debut, alternating text and diary entries, and insightful of the trials of adolescence. He gives us a story about feelings, finding out that some people really aren’t what one thinks they are, and that even best-friend relationships can go astray, causing heartache. I Am the Wallpaper is a remarkable read.”Jessica Coon of Books on the Square in Providence, RI called it “…fun to read…a great book that I hightly recommend.”

For more reviews click here.

Thanks so much to everyone for your help talking up I AM THE WALLPAPER, recommending it to friends, asking for it at local bookstores and libraries, and all the other little things that make such a big difference. I appreciate all your help and support!


June 24, 2005

A big thank you to Patti Spooner and the other members of the Dunstable book club, who invited me to attend their discussion last night! I had a lot of fun gabbing and signing books! 🙂

This was a big week for reviews:

The Providence Journal called I am the Wallpaper “a masterpiece of storytelling…the fast-paced action of Hughes’ narrative reminded me of the many gems written by celebrated Newbery winner, Richard Peck…” (For the full review click here.)Publisher’s weekly wrote, “an energetic first novel…Hughes offers a well-orchestrated plot, hilarious scenarios, snappy dialogue and a vulnerable, believable heroine…”

Lily Azerad-Goldman from Bookpleasures.com called I am the Wallpaper, “a funny, action packed page turner…” (For the full review click here.)

Pat Strawn, high school librarian in San Antonio, Texas commenting on Random House’s online teachers forum wrote, “Spread the word! This one is a must read!” (For the full review click here.)


What can I say? Thank you!!


June 16, 2005

Another nice review! In her influential literary blog, Cynthia Leitich Smith just gave I am the Wallpaper a terrific recommendation! She writes “At turns tender and comedic, Floey is ultimately a heroine to cheer!” To check it out click here. Thanks, Cynthia!

June 10, 2005

My very first school visit was a lot of fun! Many thanks to the eighth graders and teachers at the Walsh Middle School in Framingham, MA who welcomed me yesterday. We talked about writing, re-writing, and getting ideas. I’m interested in doing more of these, so if you have any school or conference contacts, please let me know! (I hope to post photos of my visit soon, so keep checking back…)


June 8, 2005

Just found out that Rochester Review did a very nice writeup about I am the Wallpaper! To check it out click here! Here’s to Rochester Review and the U of R, my alma mama!

Tomorrow morning I do my very first school visit — I’ll be speaking to ninety 8th graders at the Walsh Middle School in Framingham, MA. Big question is: what on earth am I going to talk about? Hmmm… better think fast. Check back later, I’ll give a full report after the big event…

Oh, and another nice review! 🙂 UMass Magazine wrote, “Mark Peter Hughes flawlessly delineates the painfully hilarious trials of adolescence in his debut novel…” Yay UMass, my other alma mama!


June 3, 2005

People keep asking how it feels to be a newly-minted author. Well, Oprah hasn’t exactly called yet — maybe she’s having trouble getting through? — but still, life is good, good, good!

I recently put up a new item on this website: “Haiku me, baby!” Please feel free to send me your own haikus or reveal you most embarrasing moments, the best of which will be shared with the world. For details click here!


May 16, 2005: THANK YOU!!

A sincere THANK YOU to all that came to help celebrate my book release this weekend! The surprise event on Friday night was indeed a wonderful surprise, and the Borders event was a terrific success too! I truly appreciate the support and love everyone showed, and feel blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!! THANK YOU!! [Click here to see photos!],


May 9, 2005

The big day is here!. I am the Wallpaper is available in bookstores everywhere starting THIS WEEK (May 10)!! Please come help me kick off the book release at Borders Books in Framingham, MA THIS SUNDAY, May 15 at 4pm.

Everyone has been asking: “How can I help?’ Well, I’ve been thinking about it…there are a bunch of ways–other than buying the book, of course! [Click here for some suggestions.]

April 19, 2005
Thrilled to report that I am the Wallpaper just got an amazing starred review in School Library Journal! Excerpt: “Floey Packer, 13, bursts right off the page with an engaging vivacity…fresh, funny, and insightful character…humorous incidents abound…the plot moves irresistibly forward. First-time author Hughes merits a place with Louise Rennison, Ellen Conford, and even Paula Danziger on the fiction shelves.” [read full review]

Woohoo! Doesn’t matter what else happens, today is a good day! 🙂


April 15, 2005
The book release event has finally been scheduled! It will be on Sunday, May 15, 4-6pm at Borders Books (Rt 9) in Framingham, MA! 🙂 Set aside that date! Come help kick off the publication! Bring your friends! April 7, 2005
More reviews! Natasha Haradhvala, a 15 year old writing for the Wayland Town Crier, interviewed me and wrote a nice story about I am the Wallpaper! [read entire article] Thanks Natasha! More big news: The first complete draft of Lemonade Mouth went out to my agent today! 🙂 So now its wait-to-hear-back time, as well as time for a little celebration! Maybe we’ll order out tonight — extra pepperoni? I still haven’t figured out when and where I’ll do a book release event. Lots of crazy stuff keeping my head elsewhere. Stay tuned…


March 17, 2005
The first reviews of I am the Wallpaper are in and…(drum roll)… they are very positive! (Phew! Huge sigh of relief!) Booklist wrote: “…impressive first novel…sensitively and humorously dramatize(s) the awkwardly evolving social dynamics of adolescence. Hughes’ clever amalgam of Bridget Jones’ Diary and Harriet the Spy will hold instant appeal…” For Booksense, Allison Morris called it “an engaging, entertaining romp of a novel…” Life is good! I am dancing in my chair! 🙂


March 1, 2005
Ohh..my head hurts from lack of sleep. Coffee yesterday, and I think they gave me fully loaded instead of decaf… Plus there was a big storm this morning so I had to get up early and shovel, shovel, shovel. Ah, New England! 🙂 Had a great time in NYC! Saw my good friends Dan and Claudia, and had helpful discussions with my agent, editor, and publicist. (Whoa–still hard to believe I actually have any of those!) Still need to figure out where to do a book release party. Update next month? Lately I’ve been head-down working on Lemonade Mouth. Walking around in a daze, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. More soon…


February 2, 2005
Welcome to February, the month that (at least in New England) enters like an abominable snow-blower and exits like a lion… I’m pleased to say that this site now has a guestbook! 🙂 Please go ahead and sign it–I’d love to hear from you! Also, join my e-mail list for news and updates about I am the Wallpaper and all things related to the launch. I’ll be down in NYC next week. While I’m there, I’ll be meeting with the good folks at Random House about publicity. Fun, fun, fun! I’ll let you know how it goes…


January 17, 2005
Happy New Year! Well, there is an awful lot going on. Yesterday I went to a booksigning at Newtonville Books in Newton, Mass. and met Kim Ablon Whitney, author of SEE YOU DOWN THE ROAD (Knopf), Lara Zeises, author of BRINGING UP THE BONES and CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE (Delacorte), and Laurie Stolarz, author of WHITE IS FOR MAGIC and BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES (Llewellen). What a fun way to spend an afternoon! I took the opportunity to grill them about what authors are supposed to do (other than writing!) while they’re waiting around for their books to be published. They were kind enough to give me some tips and pointers. Suddenly I have to think about ‘author stuff’ I never thought much about before, like bookstore visits, school visits, library visits. Fun stuff! And of greatest importance of all: where is the book release party going to be? Yikes! Stay tuned… Oh, and other big news: floeysprivatelife.com is now up and running! (Thanks Lisa Morris!).


October 5, 2004
Got this site up! That’s new! It took a lot of fiddling around and some significant help from my friend Dan Hillman (thanks, Dan!) but here it is! It’s a work in progress (of course) so have a look around and email me your thoughts. I’m open to suggestions… 🙂