On the road now…exhausted in Philadelphia

This will be only a very short post.  For the past three nights I’ve been going to bed at 2 or 3 AM and getting up at 6 AM so as I type this I’m a zombie.

The road trip has officially begun!  And to prove it, I can now announce that first disaster of the trip has reared it’s head:  I left from Massachusetts this morning (with a stop at Rhode Island College as part of their amazing A.S.T.A.L Writer’s Institute — more on that later) but then continued southward only as far as New Haven, CT before the antenna of the car blew off.  Yes, you read that right — it just…blew away.  One minute it was attached to the car, the next it wasn’t.  I didn’t even notice it happen.  It just did.  So…this means that we may very well be facing a 9,000 mile road trip with three small children and no radio.  I have faith, though, that there is a solution.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’ll figure it out.  It’ll have to wait until tomorrow or the next day, my bed is calling….

 I’m typing this from a friend’s house in Philadelphia.  My bed is calling, though.  Tomorrow I’ll be stopping in Washington DC, Virginia Beach, and then heading down to North Carolina.

Bed.  Bed.  I want you bed.

— Mark



  1. congrat

    I’m thrilled. I would do the same tomorrow if I only could..I have the mini van, three kids -although smaller- but no published book yet-I’m still new in the business..so enjoy this one time experience!!! a last thing: I’m amazed that your kids are willing to follow on such a long tour…you can be proud of them! I wish you all the best.

  2. singalongs?

    Hi Mark,
    I’m visiting my son and his fiancee here in lovely Chapel Hill, NC but will be heading back home the day you and your family arrive 🙁
    Sorry to miss you, but enjoy the trip…while you’re here, try to catch a ballgame of the Durham Bulls – great family night!
    Jane G, Dover Town Library

  3. good thing you know how to sing!

    Hi Mark,

    You must have made it to the Outer Banks by now! Hope you had a good visit in DC and are resting before the road trip begins in earnest!


  4. congrats!

    What a great idea! I attended a workshop of yours at the NESCBWI conference and can only imagine that you’ll bring that same type of great energy to your summer adventure. Best of luck, I’m sure it will be a summer no one in your family will forget. 🙂


  5. hey its lindsey!! hope your enjoying your trip

    Hey everyone,
    Hope all is well and I hope your enjoying your trip!! It sounds like fun and i wish you the best! I cant wait to hear all the exciting stories when you guys get back. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and hope everyone is well! Best of luck in your travels 🙂
    Say hi to Evan, Lucy, and Zoe
    xo Lindsey MacDonald

    • Re: hey its lindsey!! hope your enjoying your trip

      Hi Lindsey — great to hear from you! We’re on the NC Outer Banks right now. It’s very hot, but fun. Hope you have a terrific summer.

      — Mark

      • Re: hey its lindsey!! hope your enjoying your trip

        Thanks,It looks like you guys are enjoying your trip! I hope Lucy’s eye gets better!! In the picture it didnt look so good. Cant wait to hear all about your trip, I would love doing what your doing! Lucy Happy Birthday and Happy 4th of July to you guys!!

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