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Yet another update from our very own intern, Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen

Dearest Readers Sublime,

Mark is working on edits for the final (hopefully) draft of THE WILD ORANGE YONDER. It has been a long but rewarding process. Or, as Mark so eloquently put it: “Holy crap! This has been one long but rewarding process!”

Many have written, anxiously awaiting news of the series and what it is about. Until now Mark has been keeping mum about the whole thing, but he has finally given the go-ahead for me to throw out a hint or two. Three, actually. Here I go:

1. It is about the end of the world.
2. It begins in Providence, RI–but not like you’ve ever seen Providence before.
3. There is a mongoose involved. 

There you are. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. Visit again for more in the future—unless, God willing, Mark finally ships out the completed manuscript, moves on with his life, and you guys can just read the darn thing.

Yours in Bookish Intrigue,

Naomi Fishmeier
Pencil Sharpener, Trash-Thrower-Awayer, and All-Around Useful Literary Minion


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