Book cover for The Wild Orange Yonder…

Yet another update from our very own intern, Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen

Most Esteemed Readers,

He finished! Finally! Mark’s newest book, tentatively titled THE WILD ORANGE YONDER (title subject to change…we’ll see!) is at last completed, and his editor has given her approval on the last changes! So let’s all give a collective sigh of relief and let Mark know that he is not allowed (do you hear me, Mark?) to make Any! More! Changes!

There. I feel better now.

Random House has been working with an amazing artist named Per Haagensen to put together one possible cover. The current draft is so dang cool I thought I’d share it with you – although, as I say, it may not be the final cover. We’ll see. In any case, check it out!

The Wild Orange Yonder Draft Cover
Hear that? That’s the sound of awesomeness rising from that image… 🙂

The novel will be released in Fall 2010. Stay tuned!

Yours in Servitude,
Naomi Fishmeier, Scene Queen and Literary Minion


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