A Crack In The Sky is in bookstores!

August 14, 2010: A Crack In The Sky, my new novel,  is in bookstores today. Hooray!


The last of humanity struggles to survive in a landscape devastated by heat, disease and violent storms. While nomadic savages run wild in the wasteland beyond the dome-protected cities, inside the artificial city of Providence thirteen-year-old Eli and his brain-boosted mongoose are unaware of the dangers that lie just outside their synthetic metropolis with its cooling systems, air purifiers, and electronic sky. When Eli starts to uncover the truth, he learns that being a child of privilege won’t be enough to save him from losing everything that he loves—maybe even his own life.

What if you were the last chance to save a dying world, would you take that chance even if it would be the hardest thing you ever did, and you would probably fail?

Who we are doesn’t matter.
We can help you disentangle the fabric of lies.

—From A Crack In The Sky


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