I Am The Wallpaper

Floey Packer feels like she blends into the background.

After all, at thirteen she’s the frumpy younger sister of the Amazing Lillian, a girl so popular and spontaneous that their house is always packed with a gaggle of admirers. But when Lillian suddenly gets married and heads off on a month-long honeymoon, Floey decides it’s her time to shine. Armed with her trusty diary, some books on Zen Buddhism, and a jar of Deep Wild Violet hair dye, Floey embarks on a mission of self-improvement–with excellent results. People finally start to notice her, especially the boy who really counts. But then disaster strikes. Are people noticing Floey because she’s so fabulous–or because her evil cousins have posted her diary on the Internet? And how will Floey ever repair the damage?

• A 2006 New York Public Library Best Book for the Teen Age
• A BookSense Summer Pick
• Delacorte Press Young Adult Novel Competition Finalist

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Fan Art by Jessica N, Bayside, WI – I Am The Wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes

“Floey Packer, 13, bursts right off the page with an engaging vivacity, underlining her determination to not “be the wallpaper” anymore. Not that this fresh, funny, and insightful character could ever blend into the background, but when she embarks upon becoming the “New Floey,” she does it with a passion. Partially understood Zen philosophy, visiting cousins, a painful crush on her best guy friend, and violet hair dye all play a part, but it is her diary that really gets the plot moving-especially when it is posted on the Internet by her bratty cousins, and Floey suddenly finds both the New Floey and the real one (who isn’t quite as poised and glamorous) in the spotlight. It isn’t merely the liveliness of the protagonist, however, that drives this story; humorous incidents abound, character growth is convincing, and the plot moves irresistibly forward. First-time author Hughes merits a place with Louise Rennison, Ellen Conford, and even Paula Danziger on the fiction shelves.”
– School Library Journal (Starred Review)

“…impressive first novel…sensitively and humorously dramatize(s) the awkwardly evolving social dynamics of adolescence. Hughes’ clever amalgam of Bridget Jones’ Diary and Harriet the Spy will hold instant appeal…”
– Booklist

“With I Am the Wallpaper, first-time novelist Mark Peter Hughes has captured the pitch-perfect voice of thirteen year-old Floey Packer as she describes the trials and triumphs of one very influential summer. The result is an engaging, entertaining romp of a novel that will appeal to any teen who has ever wanted to be more than just background material. (Fans of Sarah Dessen, Joan Bauer, and Ann Brashares will find a kindred sensibility here.)”
– Alison Morris, for Booksense

“Mark Peter Hughes hits it dead on with I am the Wallpaper, the story of Floey Packer who finds her life (in the form of her diary and embarassing pictures) posted on the Internet for all to see…Floey (is) a darling character who will keep readers laughing.”
– Kimberly Pauley, YA Books Central.com

“Hysterically funny and lively, it is easy to see why this book was a finalist in the 2003 Delacorte Press Prize for First Young Adult Novel. Floey is anything but boring; however, when she compares herself to her incredibly popular older sister, she feels like the wallpaper. Faced with a tedious summer caring for her younger, very annoying cousins, she wants to break out from her boring life. Unfortunately, her cousin obliges, putting up a website with Floey’s most embarrassing photos and personal diary entries–updated daily. Suddenly, Floey seems to be known all over town, mostly by leering 11-year-old boys. Questioning whether her boring life was so bad after all, she resolves to make the best of things and become the new Future Me. She dresses in eye-catching outfits, from film noire to punk and decides to attend poetry readings and write Zen haiku…The story rollicks along with ups and downs in friendships, love interests, and family relations, taking readers on a wild ride that is fast-paced, very realistic, hilarious, and even heartwarming.”
– Kathryn Erskine, Children’s Literature

“A masterpiece of storytelling by first-time novelist Mark Peter Hughes…the fast-paced action of Hughes’ narrative reminded me of the many gems written by celebrated Newbery winner, Richard Peck…”
– Jeanne Nicholson, The Providence Journal

“Hughes’ energetic first novel recounts the onslaught of disasters occurring to Floey Packer the summer after her seventh grade year. . . . Hughes offers a well-orchestrated plot, hilarious scenarios, snappy dialogue and a vulnerable, believable heroine…”
– Publishers Weekly

“An amusing, quirky tale…entertaining…”
– Kirkus Reviews

“I Am the Wallpaper is a funny and thoughtful novel starring quirky 13-year-old Floey Packer. With an older sister who “has to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral,” Floey decides to remake herself from background material into someone unforgettable, with hilarious results.”
– Catherine Faurot, Rochester Review

“Every girl who has ever been or ever will be thirteen will identify with this story….Spread the word! This one is a must read!”
– Pat Strawn, High School Librarian, San Antonio, TX

“…delightfully witty read…Mark Peter Hughes makes a sparkling debut, alternating text and diary entries, and insightful of the trials of adolescence. He gives us a story about feelings, finding out that some people really aren’t what one thinks they are, and that even best-friend relationships can go astray, causing heartache. I Am the Wallpaper is a remarkable read.”
– J.A. Kaszuba Locke, BookLoons.com

“…a great book that I highly recommend.”
– Jessica Coon, Books on the Square, Providence, RI

“A funny, action packed page turner…Teens and grown-ups will enjoy this affectionate and universal portrait of the uncertainties that plague the adolescent years.”
– Lily Azerad-Goldman, Bookpleasures.com

“At turns tender and comedic, Floey is ultimately a heroine to cheer…”
– Cynthia Leitich Smith

“Mark Peter Hughes flawlessly delineates the painfully hilarious trials of adolescence in his debut novel…”
– UMass Magazine

“Hughes has a remarkably sensitive ear for young female teen anxiety and desire…Anyone who has ever feared or experienced public humiliation from which they thought they’d never recover (and that’s just about everyone) will find wry satisfaction in Floey’s journey to enlightenment.”
– Karen Coates, Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“…[the] plot may have you crying with laughter…”
– InfoDad.com

“…interesting and entertaining…”
– Josh Bickford, Barrington Times

“…humorous…will keep you guessing…”
– Natasha Haradhvala, Wayland Town Crier

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