haiku me, baby!

haiku me, baby!


got an idea?
feeling inspired or just bored?
send me your haikus!

oh ancient art form!
tiny thoughts seem oh so grand!
in five seven five!

i am so hungry
my poor stomach is empty
the size of a pea

lovely new puppy
this morning in my back yard
i stepped in dog poop

write ’em, send ’em in
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loves not fair

i love you my friend
in a way nobody can
well, maybe she can

my love is stronger
she is bound to disappoint
but you do not care

–Anya K., Dartmouth, MA


precious spark of hope
i feel guilty for your pain
won’t you forgive me?

my mind fills with thoughts
of you, they won’t go away
so remain they will

stars are twinkling
in my heart love sprouts for you
in tune with the stars

basking in moonlight
late night thoughts erupt in me
mostly are of you

it gets quite lonely
in this dark mind space i have
when you are not here

— Zoe L, Age 13

the sun is rising
i wake up very early
he’s still on my mind

— Erin, AZ


the black desert
rolling tide of sand
as the darkness engulfs night
desert’s wrath made clear

— Levi P.

my friends are the best
they never try hurting me
my friends are important

— Tony G.

we are terrible
we ran from the ice cream man
we stole his ice cream

— Yelena, Portland, OR
faith’s garden
fallow garden, doubt;
plow, plant, water weed and love;
harvest fruit called faith

— Tyler J., Mapleton, UT
wind river rushes
unlike the Ford Explorer
it eats my money

gas prices soar — hey!
wasn’t this supposed to go
down after iraq?

— Roger H, Berwyn, PA
you might mean something
maybe to someone like me,
if you didn’t cheat

now you’re all alone
no one to love or to hold
all because of you

— Frankie, Travelers Rest, SC
angles of sunlight
hit the walls of my bedroom
completely, they are

— Carly H.
what i love about winter
snow sparkles on trees
fire crackles in the hearth
i sip a warm mug

sharp, tangy lemon
sweetness between the sour
refreshing coolness

— Jack C.
on entering the real world
the world isn’t rosy
anymore, but with courage
i step into it

— Verdell W.
a flower grows tall
the wind blows it’s seeds away
bringing earth new life

— Leeron H.
that boy
he leaves me, it’s done
his words fade away, nothing
i love you, a lie

hot heat summer
the heat has begun
sweat falls on my neck and back
it burns through my skin

teacher, teacher
i got it, pick me
not Billy, he doesn’t know
oh, I guess he does

leave her
do not waste your time
she’s not going anywhere
and you’ve bigger dreams

falling globes of white
clacking against the stone floor
slipping from my hand

— Maya F.
big caterpillar
soft fluffy wonderful thing
hanging on the tree

— Shelby F.
outside in the rain,
laughing out loud. I want to
spend forever here

— Amy W.
falling from mercury
thunderous collapse
breaking from the meteor
crater of accord

— Anthony P.
we all die someday
thank god for cherry blossoms
to give that meaning

they are so fragile
the rain strikes them and grinds their
whiteness into mud

they are all the more
sweet for their evanescence
beautiful and damned

— Zanna
waiting for the ring
sitting on the couch for days
just to hear the phone

— Alexandra S.
my mom screams at me
until the phone starts ringing
“hi” she says kindly

— Sarah K.
catch the wind; soar on
fabric wings across the white-
tipped emerald sky

— Ryan W.
morning mists swirl now
they shroud mysterious things
my eyelids are wet

— Kiana G.
my fat cat
thank you for watching
and washing and drying her
but you killed her too

snotty dance
swivel and sniffle
flamenco and sneeze again
i should be in bed

life’s burns have left scars
mother, she is frail
no more can she handle strife

life’s burns have left scars
always drained pale
in each passing happiness
sorrow was present
to save her from loss

it was a futile attempt
an abyss of death
o, prodigal life
only thirty autumns seen
she bids me farewell

— Joo Hee K.
holographic heart
the slot said “insert
here.” in went my heart, and out
came a picture – you

heed ye not my words
those fickle little beasties
they speak not my soul

no Redemption
adulterous girl
your heart will find little peace
he is no savior

— Erin V.

dad doesn’t get it!
frustrated, I roll my eyes
oops-I’m in trouble

— Jennifer D.
guns firing everywhere
we must find the missing peace
in this harsh puzzle

— Isabel C.
more band class stories
they make me laugh my butt off
i hope you like them
all of you sound
like a cat in a blender
my band teacher says
a burp during the
most important crechendo
why Harrison why
this isn’t irish
tune from county derry this
would be irish hell
drop my clarinet
nothing is broken but it
makes mr bradd cry
these are weird stories
but everyone in band class
is really crazy

— Andrea F.
sweat beads on my nose
the pencil shakes in my hand
i so fail this test

— Chelsea M. S.
what was in the air?
i felt like I was flying
nothing could stop me!
i ran fast through time…
then the dash of victory!
the race is my life

— Katherine C.
punishment for wrong
reunite the suffering
of the renegades
sprint vigorously
carving gashes under foot
by outlandish ways
tantalizing smell
fill the lungs of men
with language from God

— Gen M.

teenage years
lost in commotion
petrified of the future
desperate for answers

confused by parents
yet betrayed by our best friends
will it ever end?

waiting for the good
it must be on it’s way soon
will friends reacquaint
the bad times now end
still ups/downs never ceasing
waiting to grow up

— Meagan T., St. Louis, MO.

sometimes i wonder
if the sun really falls
or is it hiding?

could the sun be scared
of the white moon, maybe?
or is it tired?

no, my teacher says
the earth is rotating
and the sun can’t feel

i think to myself
at least, then, I have an
— Grace S.

a sudden new life
brought to a different world
now what is to come?

emotions unfold
one night to become the one
new feelins arise

secrets hide away
captivating in her soul

nothing to royal
now raised up beyond her dreams
for a time as this

fear sweeps the nation
evil creeps up from behind
she must speak or die

steps bold yet afraid
her heart pounds as she enters
the forbidden place

a hand extended
never understood but now
the truth is revealed

her requests are answered
hope restored and hearts strenqthened
victory will sing
— Kailey C.

the mid-autumn festival
lanterns are lighted
in the glow of the full moon
as we celebrate

the cello
mellow sweet music
the waves shroud me in their world
i smile gently
— Katherine S.

journey of oblivion
the blue heron flies
the sea of forgetfulness
will be it’s new home
— Christopher C.

summer means hot days
summer is a fun season
i love the summer
— Oliver S

the breeze on my legs
the red color of my cheeks
there they went gone, gone

my friends were laughing
i pinched myself to wake up
but nothing happened

i could not wake up
from this horrible nightmare
then i laughed out loud

embarrassed no more
they had pulled down my gym shorts
and i forgave them
— Camille O., Cedar Hills

sunlight rings through clouds
echoing its bold warmness
beautiful sunset

flowing waterfall
majestically spreads peace
down the gentle brook
— Evan S.

flat, tapered woman
you are a ribbon of silk
twirling through fingers
— Maria K.

looking at dark clouds
what is going on today?
i feel different
— Kira B., Wisconsin

i’ll write down the words
that escaped me in the spring
you left me with leaves
— Dianca L.P.

japan norway and
holland are my ancestry
the states are my home
— Emily S.

with pen and paper
dreams are forever captured
to relive again

ancient songs of trees
whispered to the rushing wind
on an autumn day

oceans of tall grass
waving a dismal farewell
to the traveler

the heavens declare
angels announce the glory
of our mighty God

what is a poem?
a song, a dream, a passion
capturing the heart
— Liz P.

band class haikus…or…things that happened today
some of these may not
make sense you had to be there
my band class is weird

i squeak on a note
my band teacher says i sound
like a dying duck

my clarinet squeaks
flutes point their flute guns at me
duck hunting season

take off the mouth piece
spit comes flying out of my
bass clarinet. Eeew

i fix the stapler
staples fly into my eyes
maybe i didn’t

i hope you like all
my haikus they all are things
that happened today
— Andi F.

outside i lie down;
soft grass tickles my arms and
face God’s creation

look up at leaves, green
light dances in a sky frame
see God’s masterpiece

breathe in orange scent
mixed with daffodil
breathe in God’s incense

listen, sparrow’s voice
flits and flutters like small wings
hear God’s symphony

hands of black, brown and
tan, holding hands strongly feel
God’s eternal love
— Veronica E.

i love my great life
that is why i cherish it
life is way too short

some words of advice
live your life to the fullest
don’t do stupid things
— LeLoni B.

the subway flys by
am i lost i wonder now
in this big city
— Kelsey T.

i look in his eyes
and i see the entire world
he sees a sad child

gabber zoom dib flop
kerfield mie cam cheechee yow?
lim cuw gibberish

the first day of school
math is uninteresting
boring teach drones on
— Lissa S.

and then there was light
would it be better still dark?
we will never know
— Mandy B.

i like my hair straight
why must my hair be wavy?
i blame my mom’s genes
— Hannah G.

mohawk, tight pants, rock
red guitar pick in his sock
has a band fo’ sho’

sashimi, do dear
salmon handroll, soy-stained sticks
sushi is lovely
— Diana D.

in the broom closet
are the voices of my past
screaming for release

wonderful green tree
thickly oozes amber sap
no thing is perfect

the beach is lovely
though the waves are rough and fierce
no place is perfect

a beautiful face
an attitude to contrast
no one is perfect
— Julia L., Tucson, AZ

waving in fall winds
brown leaves sway over crisp grass
earth takes a breath

blue arms pulling white
sand shines under flowing glass
and sticks to my toes
— Nick S.

a limp, languished leaf
whimpers softly with these songs,
then “whee!”—a cold rush

guilt haunts me year long,
for I do not love to pray.
does He really know?
— Adam M

30-second haiku:
here, kitty, kitty,
i like to pet the kitty
here, pretty kitty!
— Mia F

worlds crazy schools out
put your swimsiut on right now
time to HIT the beach
— Raylynn B

finally school’s out
i already have sunburn
i love the summer!
— Sahrie

i thought you were light
but you left me with the dark
where is my guy with armor

poor lonely palm tree
i feel your deep swaying pain
please love find us both
— Jade Alexis W., 13, Alabama

grey and unworthy
the sidewalk paved with cement
footprints always there
— Jerlene, 13, Singapore

cheer-up, cheer-ee, chooo,
birds cheer-eep, tweet: “wake up you!”
in dawn’s spring chorus
— Marie T., Beverly, MA

while sleeping beach side
a bird took my star wars man
then ate my grinder

think i’m funny, mark?
if so, post these on your site
if not, i’ll rewrite
— Liz, Nutley, NJ

here is a flower
from a forgotten city
like my old clothing

i am not really
sick but i like sleeping in
on friday mornings
— Helen G., Greenville, IN

something is coming
that I can’t explain clearly
it is a bluebird

out of the blue
the little bird flys away
on the wind currunt
— Emily B.

life is full of hope
always changing, never lies
stops when death is near
— Gris M.

i’ve got nothin’ yet
it’s just about killin’ me
never mind it’s gone

out of ideas
what should I do, write haikus?
give me a subject!
— Sahrie, Martin, MI

five seven five, a
poem that never rhymes. then why
are they written? hum…
— Em A. a.k.a. Pandora Spocks, Beatnik leader

i’m here all alone
i need to find someone now
where is everyone?
— Colin T.

mornings are boring
now that high school has ended
mark’s site distracts me
— Matt M., Natick, MA

school has started now
i feel just about to die
ms. mosher hates me
— Sophia ‘Nikki’ H., Washington DC

alarm sounds so loud
why can’t i sleep some more please
hey! leave me alone!
— Karen S., Summit, NJ

i’m into zen now
floey piqued my interest
thanks a lot mark hughes
— Alex, Cabot, VT

inside our own head
where real life and dreams unite
while we are asleep

the gravestones are links
between the ghosts and humans
the two dimensions

laughing joyful kids
gabbing about this and that
you know it’s recess

short sweet and simple
is the nice five seven five
of all the haikus

is a label given to those
with no real friends
— Andrea F., Rye, NH